Denlinger & Sons Custom Home Builders Troy Ohio

Offsite Build Information

As a local custom homebuilder, Denlinger & Sons has the flexibility to build your home on your land or lot.  We can build according to your plans and ideas, our plans, or we can create a custom design to meet your needs.  If your land or lot is outside of a developed community, you may need professional services for evaluating soil condition, drainage, zoning, and other related services.   Denlinger & Sons Builders offers the expertise to assist you with this process. We offer design and construction services that honor and reflect the preferences, requirements and vision of each customer.  Please contact us for a consultation prior to, or after, purchasing your lot or land. We make it easy, effortless, and fun to custom design and build a home that fits your lifestyle, property, and budget.

  • We can build on your land
  • We can provide design and construction